New beef sire sparks interest in calving survey programme

Americano's breeding includes his sire, Mr. Radar, noted for calving ease and calf quality
Americano's breeding includes his sire, Mr. Radar, noted for calving ease and calf quality

Netherton Americano has been put through the rigorous testing of the Genus ABS calving survey.

The calving survey collects data from farmers in the UK and Northern Ireland who use Genus ABS young bull semen. It asks farmers a number of questions and then this data is used to formulate a beef sires proof.

Stephen Lavery, Genus ABS beef manager Ireland, comments: “Americano’s proof is based on 97 calvings in 58 herds across the UK and Northern Ireland, meaning he has been tested on a farm near you, and you can have the confidence in the reliability of the bull’s data.

“Americano has some great breeding behind him which include his sire Mr Rader who consistently delivered calving ease and calf quality for Angus producers across the province.

“It is very rare to find a beef sire which excels in so many different areas.

“Americano boasts calving ease for both cows and heifers and great calf quality.

“Calves are born easily, lively at birth and are growing rapidly to make market topping quality calves.

“The Aberdeen Angus breed when used on dairy cows has an average calving ease score of 100 (BSI).

“Americano has a phenomenal score of 130 (BSI) on cows and 125 (BSI) for heifers making him a true calving ease sire.”

Stephen Lavery added: “The reduction in the suckler cow herd has increased the demand for beef calves from the dairy herd.

“Beef finishers need 
calves that have the ability to thrive, grow well and put on flesh in order to meet market criteria.

“They do not want to participate in the lottery of rearing or buying in stock of unknown genetic quality.

“An important trait for any beef sire to be used in the dairy herd is calving ease.

“Calving ease is intrinsically linked with problems after calving. The easier calving a sire, the more likely the cow is to go on after calving without a problem.”

In order to assist dairy farmers find the best beef genetics for use in the dairy herd Genus is offering a credit payment of £7.50 for each calving survey form on young test sires returned to them on the first 300 calvings from dairy cows.

The dairy farmer purchases a maximum of 10 straws from an individual beef sire and as each calf is born he forwards a calving survey form to Genus and in turn receives a credit of £7.50 per calf.

Stephen Lavery added: “Every year, between ten and twenty new young sires are tested and these selected young sires are available to farmers and tested by farmers in Northern Ireland.

“This helps speed up Northern Ireland’s access 
to the latest high genetic 
merit beef sires, and increase the rate at which proven sires are available in Northern Ireland.”

To find out more about these new young beef sires please contact your local Genus ABS representative or Stephen Lavery, Northern Ireland beef specialist on 077 6805 8450.