New developments at Dynamis Homeopathic Medicine

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Celebrating six years in business; pioneering research, development and communication is the recipe for success and Dynamis have listened to farmers’ struggles and successes. Unique because they actually visit their producers, if it’s not feasible that day, they have consultations on the telephone and visit next time they are in that area.

Healing itself from one set of symptoms, an animal becomes more susceptible to other diseases. Homeopathy via drinking water or direct application, will not only help the animal heal but also stimulate an immune response and minimise the likelihood of developing it again. An individual approach, combined with no residue/withhold makes homeopathy very viable.

Regulations in minimising antibiotic use have caused a very significant increase of homeopathy, especially for udder health, management of somatic cell count, hormonal complaints, digestive issues and general health of the cow. During the dry period, if a cow calves earlier than estimated, the drying off medication can still be detected in the milk, wreaking havoc with income if it’s identified in collected milk.

The quality of water has recently become an area of research and development, and homeopathy can easily help with the readjustment of any elements such as Ferrum (Iron) or Phosphorous which also has an effect on milk production/yield, they can also advise you on how to deal with this.

Finishing beef stock for a show or a sale, perhaps overfeeding, consequently congesting the digestive system and losing condition, homeopathy can easily support key organs such as the liver, stimulating effective processing of the diet putting “a nice bloom” on the animal for show and sale day. These producers use Optimisar 8 and Detox products regularly informing Dynamis that their stock are ready for market 10-14 days before they estimated, achieving financial goals earlier.

Fertility issues eg embryo flushing, homeopathy can rebalance hormones, stimulate healthy egg production, enhance uterine health and aid retention of the egg and finally, help dilation of the cervix during calving finalising proceedings with minimising retention of the placenta. Homeopathy is subtle and gentle.

In 2016, Dynamis were approached by poultry producers seeking solutions to stress, nutrient assimilation issues and other indigenous diseases. By resolving these easily through drinking water, Dynamis subsequently achieved certification with Organic Farmers and Growers. Homeopathy has no residue, appealing not only to producers but also the discerning consumers, who are not only looking for a quality product, are also interested in the welfare of how it was produced.

At Dynamis they feel privileged and humbled to work with astute producers, concerned with the welfare of their animals and their pocket. If you currently work with them or haven’t tried homeopathy before they would like to talk with you at this year’s Winter Fair at the Eikon centre on Thursday 13th December at stand L46. Come and speak with them about their new Calf Thrive, launched 18 months ago. The main feedback is that it “sends them on” Respicare 4 – for coughing animals and their Bovi Care which has helped so many farmers remain open even in high incidence areas.