New electronic licensing system for Foyle and Carlingford anglers

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Loughs Agency are pleased to announce that 2017 angling licences for the Foyle and Carlingford areas will be issued electronically.

A new online system will be in operation from Wednesday 14th December, making it easier for the angler to purchase a licence.

Loughs Agency chief executive, John Pollock said: “Since the 1950s anglers have been purchasing their fishing licences for the season at Loughs Agency offices and through a network of distributors.

“Whilst this service will continue to be provided through tackle shops, it will no longer be a paper process. Licences can also be purchased online at home, which is great for overseas anglers who can buy before they travel.”

The new system will keep the Loughs Agency in line with the two other rod licensing bodies, Inland Fisheries Ireland and Inland Fisheries Group (DAERA) who have recently moved to an electronic system.

Angling manager Lionel Knobbs said: “globally, angling authorities are moving towards electronic systems. We have looked at electronic licencing systems in England, America, Canada, New Zealand and developed an online platform that meets the needs of angler in the modern world.”

John McCartney, director of conservation and protection, said: “This new system will make it easy for the angler to make their catch return.

“Traditionally anglers would have to complete a table on the back of the licence, recording fishing effort and catches and these would then be manually entered on a database.

“The new system enables the angler to record these easily throughout the season and ensures that the agency gets the data we need to manage the fishery effectively in a consistent format.

“The new system also means that Loughs Agency protection staff can carry out licence checks more efficiently as they will have access to the secure database along the river bank.”

Oliver McGauley, Ulster Coarse Fishing Federation, said: “I attended an excellent presentation promoting their new eLicencing system and in my opinion the system has a lot of benefits including the fact a licence and tags can be acquired without an angler leaving his home/place of business and catch returns can also be recorded online.”

Ulster Angling Federation also support the new system. They said: “We believe the new eLicensing system will make it easier for many anglers to obtain a licence. In addition, making an angling return has become simpler.”

The new system is set to go live on 14th December and can be found at For further information contact Loughs Agency on 02871 342100.