New era of beef genetics at Genus ABS

British Blue calves sired by Genus proven easy calving sires will help increase profitability on NI dairy farms
British Blue calves sired by Genus proven easy calving sires will help increase profitability on NI dairy farms

A decline in the Northern Ireland suckler herd numbers and more emphasis on beef from the dairy herd has highlighted the need for specialised and targeted breeding programs to ensure success in both areas.

In addition, the importance of differentiated and tailored genetics for Northern Ireland livestock has been highlighted as one of the aims of the AgriFood Strategy Board’s recommendations to government, while current research work by AFBI, in conjunction with commercial partners is investigating the use of synchronised breeding in the suckler herd in order to improve calving interval and quality of calves.

Always in the lead when it comes to new breeding initiatives, Genus ABS has introduced a new era (NuEra) of beef genetics that encompasses all available beef breeding programs, evaluations and indexes which will open up a whole new breeding concept for beef farmers. This new era of genetic improvement will produce more value for the entire chain including producers, processors and retailers according to Ervin McKinstry, Ireland Manager for Genus ABS.

He said: “NuEra Genetics will improve the genetic gene pool, improve production efficiencies and increase sustainability thus benefitting the entire beef production and retailing chain. While this is a world wide program it is particularly relevant to Northern Ireland in that the number of suckler cows has declined over recent years and a considerable number of beef animals are derived from the dairy herd.”

Ervin added: “We need to have genetic programs that are specifically tailored for the dairy herd to produce the type of animal that will meet the needs of the retailer and consumer. In addition, using targeted beef genetics on lower ranking dairy cows adds a significant revenue stream to the dairy business. We also need to have more targeted genetics in the suckler herd to suit the environment, farming systems and the specific market that the farmer is supplying.”

According to Ervin, NuEra Genetics symbolizes the next chapter in the history of Genus ABS beef genetics. A chapter that is focused on providing robust improvement and delivering value to customers throughout the beef supply chain. They will benefit through increased efficiency leading to greater profitability and ultimately a more sustainable system.

The Genus ABS Beef Calving Survey and Beef Advantage will be marketed under NuEra Genetics going forward, as both are proprietary to Genus ABS. Customers should look for new products to be released under the NuEra Genetics brand in the coming months. Such products include proprietary indexes tailored to specific customer needs, making it easier for customers to select the most efficient and profitable genetics.

For further information on NuEra Genetics contact your Genus ABS representative or phone the office on 028 3833 4426.