New face at Moy Park

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Moy Park is leading the field in agricultural innovation with the appointment of a dedicated Agriculture Analyst.

Anne Richmond, who recently completed a fellowship at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology in Westminster, has been appointed to the newly created position.

An experienced analyst, Anne also holds a PhD from Queen’s University, Belfast, and has completed a thesis at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Hillsborough.

The appointment is in line with Moy Park’s focus on ‘Big Data’ - complex data sets made up of statistics gathered from across its hatcheries, factories and farms. The emphasis is on extracting valuable information from the data and identifying trends that aid decision-making, operational efficiency and risk reduction across the business.

Moy Park is also involved in extensive research at its cutting edge, purpose-built poultry performance house in Co Down. The information gathered at the facility is processed through a state-of-the-art data processing system, and supports advancements in agriculture productivity including supply chain efficiencies and enhanced bird welfare.

Speaking about the appointment, Justin Coleman, Moy Park’s General Manager of Agriculture Development, said: “The benefits of utilising ‘Big Data’ in business is well known, but often overlooked in the agri-food industry.

“The unique insight Moy Park can derive from data is pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation and is already yielding results in areas such as production efficiency and nutrition. Our analysis is also playing a pivotal role in our efforts to combat Campylobacter – research that benefits not just Moy Park, but also our customers and consumers. We are delighted to welcome Anne to the team and look forward to expanding our work in this area.”