New Holstein UK president named

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Peter Waring has been elected as president of Holstein UK.

Last night, Wednesday 13th June, at Holstein UK’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Society was pleased to elect new members to the board and offer a farewell to retiring representatives.

As part of the meeting, retiring President, David Perry stood down and welcomed new President, Peter Waring to the Society. Peter, a Yorkshire Holstein Club member, runs the Winton Holstein Herd at Cherry Burton, East Yorkshire. The 160 cow-herd is home to some of the best cow families, with breeding concentrated on high type genomic sires with good health traits. These sires include Dempsey, Unix and Secretariat. As the newly appointed President, Peter will have the privilege of representing the Society across the country, travelling to meet breeding and competitive members, support the multitude of events, competitions and shows and will continue to drive a successful and sustainable Holstein organisation.

The new board met, where Andrew Birkle was voted in for his second term as Holstein UK Chairman. Based at Dungehill Farm in Wymeswold, Leicestershire, Andrew and his family focus on breeding practical, hard-working Holstein dairy cattle, that perform well in a commercial, meticulously managed environment, with the main breeding emphasis being on type. Andrew looks forward to his forthcoming term as Chairman and working alongside the new Board members.

Andrew Dutton and John Cousar stood down as Trustees and the Society welcomed David Yates and Stephen Hill to the Board.

Andrew Dutton, retiring Trustee and past Chairman, said: “I would like to thank Holstein UK members for their continued enthusiasm, commitment and support of the Society. John Cousar added, “We have immensely enjoyed our involvement in Holstein UK and wish the new board members every success in their appointments.”

New Board Appointments

David Yates - Scotland region. David farms the Meiklefirth Holstein Herd at Meikle Firthhead Farm, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Stephen Hill - North Midlands region. Stephen heads up the Hydaways Holstein Herd at Acacia Grove Farm near Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Re-elected Board Member

David Jones - West Midlands region trustee. David has served his first term on the Holstein UK board and runs the Wiltor Holstein Herd, farmed at Wiltor Lodge near Wilcrick in Gwent.

In addition, the Holstein UK five year strategy (2018-2022) was also published at the AGM and the new membership handbook launched – both are available to download from the Holstein UK website.

Peter Waring, President of Holstein UK commented: “I am delighted to be appointed as President of Holstein UK and look forward to representing the Society.”

Re-appointed Chairman, Andrew Birkle concludes: “Myself and CEO Sue Cope will continue to work together to enhance the Society’s relevance to UK dairy farmers. The five-year strategy provides enormous confidence to the members that the Society has a positive, clear focus supported by an excellent board of trustees and management team.”