New look TopStock – better for a reason

Dairy cows
Dairy cows

Farmers will be able to familiarise themselves with the “New Look” TopStock range at this year’s Winter Fair.

It has been over 25 years since the TopStock brand of high quality bucket licks were introduced to the market and now it is time for a fresh makeover.

Sales Manager Mark Crawford explains the reasoning behind the rebranding.

“We have been supplying bucket licks for over 25 years and have enjoyed helping the farmer achieve the results they are seeking year on year,” he said.

“Close relationships have been built over that time with key merchants and local farmers ensuring we never rest on our laurels in terms of product performance. The formulations have been continuously upgraded to deal with specific local requirements (deficiencies) and new product innovations. After 25 years we felt it is time to bring the product look up to date with what is in the bucket. Customers will now be presented with a quality look and simple presentation of the expansive product range.”

Mark goes on to explain the focus they are applying to the dairy market.

“It is no secret that the dairy farmer is under continual pressure to get the most from their cows. Hence the animal is under more strain to perform and therefore requires only the best nutritional support. As a recognised supplier of high end supplements, we ensure only the best is available to the animal and continually strive to achieve the best results from each product.”

On display at this year’s show will be the range of products specifically formulated for the intensive dairy herd. Headlining will be their very well regarded precalving lick.

“Our Super Dairy Precalver has been designed to deal with all the relevant issues associated with precalving in an intensive herd. These include improved dry matter intake, correct calcium and energy balance, milk fever, ketosis, retained cleansings, colostrum quality and poor calf vitality. It ensures everything is covered and that the dairy farmer can achieve one of his key goals – easy calving,” explains Mark.

Specialist Range

TopStock also includes in its range a number of unique products targeting specific issues such as skin health, respiratory conditions, fertility and salt deficiencies in young stock. “To help highlight this”, explains Mark, “we have created a Specialist Range. These products are packaged in smaller but similar 15kg rectangular buckets.”

On Show

The full range will be on show at this year’s Winter Fair. “With another new layout to the show to contend with, we will all now understand why our wives complain about supermarket layouts changing,” jokes Mark. “So make sure and look out for us at Stand 185 (not far from the main restaurant)”.

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