New poultry development house launched

Moy Park grower Kingsley Jordan is pictured in Moy Park's new poultry development house.
Moy Park grower Kingsley Jordan is pictured in Moy Park's new poultry development house.

Moy Park has invested in a state-of-the-art poultry development house which brings together best farming practices, leading technology and science, to further enhance its reputation as the leading producer of high quality, fresh locally farmed poultry.

The development house, located in Co. Down close to where Moy Park is headquartered in Northern Ireland, is over 18,500 square feet in size and is split into 36 individual pens.

Across each pen, which holds 500 birds, inputs such as feed can be altered allowing Moy Park to capture and analyse data to deliver statistically significant improvements in its poultry rearing and welfare processes.

Justin Coleman, Moy Park Agriculture Development Manager said: “This poultry development house has been purpose-built to the highest specification including windows providing natural light, enhanced biosecurity and biomass heating. Chicken is at the very heart of our business and this initiative supports our commitment to sustainability, environmental excellence and developing the farm of the future.

“This investment allows us to lead the way in innovation providing a precision controlled environment to better monitor bird welfare, feed conversion and environmental impacts so we can provide optimum conditions for our chickens.”

Moy Park grower Kingsley Jordan is a fourth generation poultry farmer whose grandfather began working with Moy Park in 1955. He said: “Poultry farming is in my blood as the family have been involved in the industry for many years. Managing this development house is an exciting new challenge. It is the first Moy Park poultry house of its kind in Northern Ireland and is fitted out with the most up-to-date technology. There’s more work involved as it’s like managing 36 mini poultry houses but it’s very rewarding and interesting work.”