New range of long life feed silos

A silo and auger for feeder
A silo and auger for feeder

At this year’s National Ploughing Championships the McAree team displayed their full range of meal silos and tote bins.

These include a 16 Ton Split Bin complete with a Diet feeder auger.

In addition McAree displayed three other animal feed silos (a ten tonne, an eight tonne and a six tonne size). Visitors to the large McAree stand also saw a four tonne Hopper and two tote bins (1.5 and one tonne sizes).

At the Lely stand, McAree also had a 10 tonne, 2.3meter legged Silo with an extra 600mm in the legs and painted green.

Safely storing animal feed is an ongoing concern for farmers in the Bord Bia Quality Assurance scheme or other QA programmes. They have to keep feed safe, secure and free from contaminants. It also makes good economic sense to protect valuable animal feed from vermin and spoilage.

However animal feed now contains a more complex range of additives so in certain conditions these react with the coating of traditional galvanised metal. This can significantly reduce the life span of an expensive animal feed silo.

So McAree are changing the material they use to manufacture V-Mac Silos. From September 2016, all their animal feed silos will be manufactured from MagiZinc an innovative Chromium free alternative to traditional galvanised material.

MagiZinc has been extensively tested by their metal supplier Tata Steel. MagiZinc delivers outstanding corrosion protection compared to conventional galvanised zinc coating.

This very high protection performance has also been proven in rigorous, independent tests at the University of Kalsruhe in Germany.

More information on their range of market leading feed silos, tote bins etc. can be seen on YouTube at