New releases from Linton Film Productions

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Another busy year at Linton Film Productions is almost over. The crew have been exceptionally busy and bring you two new releases for the festive season.

The premier farming film producer has done it again, taking a look at slightly different farming sectors with the same attention to detail, the same quality filming and music as you’re so familiar with.


The first takes an in depth look at vegetable production in Co Down, as carried out by the Fresh Fields company outside Comber.

Every aspect of production is covered from preparation of the land and cultivation of the seed bed, through the use of new technologies in sowing and crop husbandry, to the harvesting of the crop. All this before the produce even reaches the packing station to be prepared, packaged and presented to the retailer.

A vast array of machinery is used, ploughs, cultivators, rotavators, bed formers and stone pickers. All these are used before seed is sown. The precision drill used for sowing both parsnip and carrot seeds is a truly amazing piece of kit. Even the preparation of the seeds themselves is quite surprising. Coatings used for the seeds incorporating both fertilizers and on occasions fungicides to ensure the seeds get the best possible start, show just how advanced production has become.

Most of the machinery used in the production is available direct from the various dealers and most of the machinery performs the task for which it was made. However, when it comes to harvesting ‘Fresh Fields’ developed their own machine, A Haith Hi-tip Crawler, most favourable in wet conditions.

At the factory there is more than meets the eye. The produce comes into the pack house straight from the field, by the time they emerge at the other end they are clean, perfectly formed specimens in an appealing presentation pack, all ready for supermarket stores.


The second, B.H Dickey and Son, ‘Working to get the job done’ is a fly on the wall production which follows the development of the Dickey enterprise at Galgorm Park just between Cullybackey and Ballymena.

There’s a brief look at the machinery used, right back to the 1960’s. Indeed some of the classic machinery is still on the farm and in full working order today.

Brian’s father, Harold, is still an active member of the team. This year has been particularly successful with one of his fine Border Leicester sheep. We see her being prepared for showing by no less than three experts but all worthwhile when she returns a champion.

Harold still finds time to relax though, ploughing with a little Fordson super Dexta. It is an interesting comparison to see the little tractor performing beside the TM140.

There’s dung spreading, ploughing, extensive cultivation and, sowing cereal crops. Brian and Philip are very definitely the main men, but, have the support of brother Mervyn and his family and friends. Although Harold claims to be taking things a bit easier, he still turns out on all sorts of machines and is quite adapt with all of them, including the big New Holland combine.

The main operation on the home farm nowadays is broiler production, chickens for Moy Park. There’s an in depth look at all aspects of this operation from house preparation, including washing out, sanitizing, fumigation and bedding. We look at the heating controls and system as well the feeding arrangements for the birds. And finally the catchers move in to clear the house before the whole cycle starts all over again.

While the birds are growing happily Brian turns his attention to the contracting side of the business. Dickey’s provide a baling and wrapping service for haylage and silage in large or small square bales and round bales. They will mow the crop if requested by the customers.

As the season progresses the team brings out the big New Holland combine and set about cutting the crops and to finish off the harvest, we capture Brian and Philip working at the drier.

Expertly narrated by Dr John Kerr, it is certainly a production with a difference which you will find a ‘must have’ for your collection to be enjoyed and viewed again and again.

Available on DVD Priced at £15 each (plus P&P) and on Blu-ray £18 each (plus P&P)

Alternatively DVDs are available at Linton Film Productions Studio at 26 Boleran Road, Garvagh BT51 5EG Tel 028295 58040 or 07074558040 or where you can pay via paypal/visa/debit/credit card.

Linton Film Productions have some very interesting productions for next year and would take this opportunity to wish all their customers a Happy Christmas and prosperous 2016.