New S.Q. Fleckvieh 2015/2016 catalogue

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The 2015/2016 S.Q. Fleckvieh catalogue has six top proven bulls and four very exciting Genomic Bulls in this year’s offering.

Wille is still at the top of the list for milk with +1,120kg. At the show in Reid Wille daughters dominated the in milk heifer classes to win the Supreme Championship.

Rumgo is still there with a TMI of 130. The most widely used bull for crossing in Holland with thousands of daughters milking. He is +662kg with good solids and very easy calving.

A new bull this year is the Rumgo son GS Vogt +193kg milk with massive solids +0.28% Fat and +0.16% Protein and an excellent udder score pf 123. The popular Ivan is still available with very solid production figures +530kg milk +0.04% Fat, 0.01% Protein with very solid linear and fitness scores. Ivan is a real crossing bull leaving mostly black whitehead calves that are fetching top prices in the sale ring. He is easy calving for cows and heifers.

Zocker is back again with very good figures. He is +579kg milk, +0.01% Fat, -0.02% Protein. Zocker excels for Feet & Legs and udders with many of his daughters topping the Austrian sales. For crossing or pedigree use where he will leave excellent calves. The last proven bull on offer is Pandora. The most sought after bull in Holland and Austria at the moment. All the top breeders in Austria are using him for flushing in their breeding programmes. His daughters are like ‘peas in a pod’, modern dairy cows with very good feet and legs and excellent udders.

Pandora is +819kg milk, 0.02% Fat, -0.02% Protein and a fitness score of 115, and has excellent quality semen. In the challenging times in milk at the moment it has never been more important to maximise every aspect of the cow. The Fleckvieh cow can provide this with milk and good solids and fitness traits combined with good calf prices and a long lasting cow with good cull value. In our own herd our top crossbred Wille heifer give 8,000 litres at 5.42% Fat and 3.86% Protein and a pedigree heifer give 8,600 litres at 4.24% Fat and 3.8% Protein. There is a very interesting article in this month’s Cow Management about cross breeding with Fleckvieh by CRV Dutch Holstein Company.

“Analysis from 10,000 crossbred Fleckvieh cows revealed very impressive results compared to other breeds. Fleckvieh have many superior traits; fertility, body condition score, cell count, calving ease and rump angle all exceptionally good. Fleckvieh bulls also have the best calving interval, the highest calf viability and highest meat index, as well as above average persistency and excellent hoof health. To maintain and improve milk production, producers are advised to select Fleckvieh Sires with high milk to add to improved fertility and health.” (source CRV. Holland)

With rising semen sales and the Euro exchange rate they have cut the price of all our bulls in these difficult times. Check Genetic Austria website for full information on all the bulls they sell or their own website. They have 20 high Genomic Bulls coming from Austria in two weeks.

For further information contact Jim Hamilton on 028 87758898 or 07950444732.