NICCEC heads for annual Kings Hall showcase event

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The Northern Ireland Commercial Cattle Exhibitor Club (NICCEC) is preparing for its annual showcase event this Friday, 21st August at the Kings Hall, Belfast, writes Tara O’Brien.

The NICCEC was established in January 2003 to promote the interests of commercial cattle showmen and women.   Commercial cattle classes are now featured in all of the summer agricultural shows and in many cases represent the largest number in the cattle section.

In 2005 the NICCEC held its first show at Moira Sales Arena and the success of this first show led to it becoming an annual event.

A spokesperson stated: “We are indebted to our sponsors without whom the event could not take place.  We invite you to view our sponsors and ask that you would support them as they have supported us.

“This year it is being held on the 21st August at the Kings Hall Belfast. Everyone is welcome.

“There will be a range of tremendous cattle of all shapes and sizes. We look forward to seeing you there.”