Nitrates calculations a priority


NIAPA chairman Michael Clarke has said that calculating Nitrates requirement is a priority for 2015.

Mr Clarke said: “It is important that farmers, particularly those who export slurry either from cattle, pigs and those who export poultry litter are reminded that for 2015 exports a record has to be submitted to NIEA by the end of January 2016.

“This will include the volume, type and N content and the name and address of the exporter and importer.

“Given that with the exception of those who have derogations, the Nitrogen limit is 170kg per hectare it is imperative that particularly for those who may be intensively stocked they review their situation. It is also important that the farmers who import slurry or manure are aware of the impact this can have on their nitrates input,” the NIAPA chairman added.

“For this reason and the fact that we have approximately one more month of land spreading this year we would advise all businesses to update their nitrates calculations. Remember, it is not a case of just retaining records to present at inspections but having to submit information under legislation, which will be used in further calculations for inspections. Breaches in regulations can lead to financial penalties which in today’s financial climate should be avoided at all costs.

“For those who use the online system, there are calculators which can be used to work out nitrates loading levels.

“For those who use consultants, advisors or others to maintain and complete paperwork, they should contact them with a view to establishing their position in relation to nitrates.”