NSA welcomes Scottish guests

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This year’s NSA AGM takes place on Monday, November 20, at AFBI, Hillsborough at 7.30pm and will be followed directly afterwards by an Open Meeting which starts at 8pm.

All with an interest in sheep are invited to what will be an interesting evening.

Dr Aurelie Aubry, from AFBI, will give an update on the current research being done followed by the Robinson father and son team from Scotland.

Dr John Robinson studied Agriculture at Queens followed by research on ewe nutrition at Hillsborough. After a short spell at the University of London’s Wye College he moved north, in 1968, to the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen.

With the run down of animal research at the Rowett and the shift in emphasis to human nutrition research he moved, in 1994, to the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) now the Scottish Rural University College (SRUC) where he was able to continue animal research until his retirement. He still has an Emeritus position at SRUC.

His son, Andrew, is a veterinary surgeon and a partner in the Hawick Practice in the Scottish Borders and trained at the Glasgow Vet School where he obtained a BSc degree in Genetics.

Both have a great interest in sheep and excellent communication skills. It is the NSA’s hope that the contributions covering some older conventional thinking combined with modern and newer research ideas will make the evening a lot more worthwhile and informative for the audience and after the presentations a Q & A session will allow some more focused debate about current issues.

More details can be had by phoning Edward on 07711 071 290.