Nuffield Scholars offer guidance at Livestock Event

Sophia Hepple
Sophia Hepple

The Livestock Event is a chance for budding Nuffield Scholars to find out more about the study and travel opportunity of a lifetime in advance of the impending deadline for applications.

Sophia Hepple, 2015 Scholar, encourages prospective applicants to come along to the AHDB stand at the event, on 6 and 7 July, to find out more about the Nuffield experience and ask any questions they may have about the application process and the scholarship itself.

“The experience allows you to open your mind and discover different farming practices. You’ll get more that you could ever imagine out of the first-hand experience that Nuffield gives you.

“I originally applied after being encouraged to do so by two Scholars when they saw my passion for animal welfare. I thought it would be beneficial to my area of expertise and also to help maintain my status as an RCVS Specialist in animal welfare science, ethics and law.

“I was unable to take time off work for the Scholarship, so for me, it was a challenge to fit everything into my holidays. However the opportunity was absolutely worth it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of applying. There will be challenges along the way but the experience is second to none.”

Sophia found that the Scholarship allowed her to develop as a person as well as professionally and she feels that she can now better relate to farmers.

“As a governmental veterinary advisor, I’m involved with farming every day, but farm visits are few and far between, so I often felt out of touch with farmers at a grassroots level.

“Thanks to my Scholarship I’ve gained a connection with farmers across the world and I returned from my travels with an in depth understanding of practises and ideas that can help improve the UK industry,” concludes Sophia.

If you are at the event, come along to find out more. The Nuffield team can be found on the AHDB stand.

Nuffield Farming are recruiting individuals aged between 22 and 45 with an established career that can demonstrate a passion for the industry they work in. The application deadline date for the 2017 Nuffield Farming Scholarships is July 31 2016.