Nugent unveils winter products


The Nugent Winter range, designed and manufactured in County Tyrone, has a product for every requirement throughout the winter months.

The Nugent Bale Cutter has been designed to improve the efficiency of feeding. The specially designed wrap catcher minimises damage to bale and allows farmers to lift, split and unwrap the bale without leaving the tractor or loader.

The affordability and simplicity of the Nugent Bale Spike leaves it an essential piece of equipment for any farm. It has the strength and durability to carry large bales and is built on three-point linkage as standard.

The Nugent Shear Grab is a versatile block cutter, suitable for cutting grass or maize silage. A 780mm opening gives it the deepest block on the market, whilst serrated blades ensure a completely sealed silo face to reduce secondary fermentation. Available in four sizes from a modest 4’4” to 6’ it can be specified with brackets to suit a range of tele-handlers or front-end loaders.

Nugent Tine Grabs, available in 3’8”, 4’4”, 5’ and 6’ are manufactured to the usual high standard that you have come to expect from Nugent and can be fitted to any front-end loader or telescopic handler.

Nugent Cattle Crushes are designed with the welfare and safety of both the farmer and livestock in mind.

The Universal Cattle Tech is designed for all round speedy handling of demanding livestock in today’s commercial beef farms. The adjustable head locking gate makes it suitable for animals of all sizes and a combination of side doors allow a choice of access points.

The Universal 2000’s robust structure meets the demands of the farmer’s everyday needs, as well as having clear design features to ensure the safety of the user and limit stress for livestock.

The Nugent Winter Range also includes Yard Scrapers, Bale Grabs and Hydraulic Bale Stackers and is currently stocked nationwide.

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