O’Neill welcomes increase in online Single Applications

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Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill has welcomed the increase in the number of Single Applications submitted online for 2015.

The total amount of Applications received by the Department (both paper and online) by the closing date of 15 May 2015 was 27,078. Of these 12,732 were submitted online, an increase of 9% from 2014.

Welcoming the increased uptake of online Applications Minister O’Neill said: “Last year 38% of Single Applications were submitted via DARD’s online service. For 2015 I set a challenging target for industry to increase the number of online applications to 50%. I’m pleased to announce that 47% of applications were submitted online, an increase of 9% compared with 2014.

“I would like to thank the farming community and stakeholders for working in partnership with my Department to help increase the uptake of the online facility.

“The increased use of this facility will give us a good start and save time in the administration of applications. We now turn to the challenge of assessing the applications, including undertaking inspections.”