Officers attend Mullahead Ploughing Match


Local PSNI and Crime Prevention, along with Pauline Nelmes from Tracker, attended Mullahead Ploughing Match on Saturday (February 24th).

The crime prevention officer was there to provide advice and guidance on protecting against rural crime.

Crime Prevention Officer, Lisa Sherman said: “Tackling crime against the rural community is important to police.

“We understand the effect these crimes have on communities and the grave impact they can have on farmers’ livelihoods.

“We were happy to chat to visitors about a range of issues. The Police Service want to help farmers protect their property from thieves and provides details of the support available.

“The Police Service is committed to reducing rural and agricultural crime.

“Our strategy is to work with partner agencies and commercial stakeholders to identify ways of preventing crime, as well as targeting and arresting those committing such offences.

“The farming industry is a very important part of our community, and we want to reassure them that we are doing all we can to prevent thefts. Thefts of farm machinery or livestock can not only hamper a farmer’s ability to do his job but can cause significant upset, inconvenience and loss of income.

“We want to disrupt those who would target the rural community and help farmers to safeguard their properties and themselves,” she added.

The Police Service will also be attending many of the other agricultural and rural shows across Northern Ireland this year.