Outstanding trade for sheep at Gortin

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An excellent entry of sheep at Gortin with a ring full of buyers at Monday’s sale resulting in an outstanding trade.

Spring Lambs £88.50, Hoggets £96.50,

Fat Ewes £118 and Ewes & Lambs £182

SPRING LAMBS: Gary McAdoo £88.50/32kg, Ken Pinkerton £88/22kg, Patrick Devlin £87.80/25kg,Noel McIlwaine £87.80/23kg, Mr McFarland £87.80/23kg, Sean Lavery £87.50/23KG, John Young £87.50/28kg, Gregory Quinn £87.20/23kg, Malcolm Fleming £86.20/22kg, Peter Morris £86.20/23kg, Samuel McCullagh £86.20/22kg, M E Laughlin £86/23kg, Gary McAdoo £86/24kg, Anthony Conway £85.80/23kg, Joseph Gormley £85.50/29kg, Desmond Shannon £85.50/23kg

Hoggets: Sarah Rosbourough £96.50/26kg, £93/26kg, ££91.50/26kg, Anthony Conway £88.50/34kg, Gary McAdoo £88.50/32kg, K Quinn £92, William Tait £90/28kg

EWES & LAMBS: Robert Barns £182, £176, Kevin Carlin £162, £160, S Moore £168, £167, £162,£160, R & J Robinson £160, £156, £154, Robert Barns £145, Gerard McNamee £120, S Scott £120, L Anderson £108

FAT EWES: Pat Conlon £118, Gary McAdoo £110, John Bates £110, N McIlwaine £108, K Quinn £106,Archie Condy £105, C Martin £103, Oliver Kerr £101, Alistair Kerr £101, Alistair Sproule £99.50, Gary McAdoo £99, Malcolm Fleming £98, Dean Gordan £98, David McIlwaine £96, John Lowe £94,M ark Campton £92, Harold Sinclair £90, Robert Sproule £87.