Overall champion bull calf fetches £1100 at Hilltown Mart

Hilltown Mart
Hilltown Mart

The annual Charolais suckled calf sale at Hilltown Mart took place on Tuesday, September 24 with an excellent show of suckled calves on display.

Bullock and heifer classes were judged by David Connolly.

Prize winners as follow:

Champion and first place in the bullock class presented by Mr Frank Reid, Ballynahinch fetched £1100 for 460kg (239ppk)

Reserve champion and second place in the bullock class presented by Mr Liam Quinn, Kilkeel fetched £1110 for 400kg (277ppk).

Third place in the bullock class presented by Mr Frank Reid, Ballynahinch fetched £1080 for 434kg (248ppk).

First place in the heifer class presented by Mr Frank Reid, Ballynahinch fetched £975 for 414kg (235ppk).

Second place in the heifer class presented by Mr Aaron Fearon, Rostrevor fetched £810 for 408kg (198ppk).

3rd Place in the Heifer Class presented by Mr Frank Reid Ballynahinch fetched 810 for 370kg (218ppk).

Prices as follows:

Heifers - Castlewellan farmer £950 for 478kg (198ppk), £890 for 474kg (187ppk), £870 for 470kg (185ppk), £850 for 416kg (204ppk), £840 for 452kg (185ppk), £825 for 452kg (182ppk), £725 for 366kg (198ppk), £695 for 406kg (171ppk), £680 for 438kg (155ppk), £655 for 356kg (184ppk). Kilkeel farmers £780 for 384kg (203ppk), £770 for 342kg (225ppk), £735 for 418kg (175ppk), £720 for 372kg (193ppk), £710 for 348kg (204ppk), £690 for 364kg (189ppk). Rostrevor farmer £700 for 364kg (192ppk). Attical farmer £650 for 348kg (186ppk).

Bullocks - Castlewellan farmers £1080 for 524kg (206ppk), £1070 for 554kg (193ppk), £1060 for 532kg (199ppk), £1015 for 434kg (233ppk), £970 for 524kg (185ppk), £960 for 480kg (200ppk), £950 for 448kg (212ppk). Kilcoo farmers £1050 for 482kg (217ppk), £945 for 462kg (204ppk). Kilkeel farmers £1040 for 442kg (235ppk), £1020 for 410kg (248ppk), £1015 for 434kg (233ppk), £940 for 446kg (210ppk). Hilltown farmer £1030 for 550kg (187ppk). Rostrevor farmer £935 for 398kg (234ppk).

Thursday at Hilttown Mart fat lambs fetched £90, store lambs fetched £63.50, fat ewes fetched £99 and breeding rams fetched £350.

Fat lambs: Hilltown farmers £90 for 29.5kg (305ppk), £86 for 29kg (296ppk), £86 for 23.5kg (25ppk), £83 for 25.5kg (325ppk), £70 for 24kg (291ppk), £66.50 for 21kg (311ppk). Rostrevor farmer £73.50 for 29kg (253ppk). Rathfriland farmer £70.50 for 23.5kg (300ppk). Kilkeel farmer £69 for 23.5kg (293ppk). Mayobridge farmer £68 for 23kg (295ppk). Attical farmer £68 for 25kg (272ppk).

Store lambs: Attical farmer £63.50 for 18kg (352ppk), £61 for 17kg (358ppk). Dromore farmer £63 for 18.5kg (340ppk), £62 for 18kg (344ppk). Kilcoo farmer £62.50 for 18.5kg (337ppk). Banbridge farmer £61.50 for 17.5kg (351ppk). Hilltown farmer £59.50 for 17kg (350ppk). Rostrevor farmer £58 for 17.5kg (331ppk).

Fat ewes: Drumgath farmer £99. Hilltown farmer £84. Attical farmer £77. Kilkeel farmer £73.50, £69. Warrenpoint farmer £65.

Breeding rams: Warrenpoint farmer £350. Kilkeel farmer £180. Banbridge farmer £125, £122, £115, £105.

Saturday at Hilltown Mart fat cows fetched £1030, cows and calves fetched £1140.

Heifers fetched £1195 and bullocks fetched £1395.

Fat cows: Banbridge farmer £1030 for 758kg (135ppk). Warrenpoint farmer £995 for 556kg (179ppk), £740 for 628kg (117ppk), £730 for 552kg (132ppk). Hilltown farmer 990 for 778kg (127ppk). Carryduff farmer £890 for 728kg (122ppk).

Cows and calves: Mayobridge farmer £1140. Kilcoo farmer £1000.

Weanling heifers: Rathfriland farmers £750 for 396kg (189ppk), £730 for 420kg (173ppk), £700 for 372kg (188ppk), £680 for 414kg (164ppk), £610 for 420kg (145ppk), £550 for 390kg (141ppk). Cabra farmer £690 for 382kg (180ppk).

Heifers: Rathfriland farmer £1195 for 624kg (191ppk). Kilkeel farmer £1185 for 636kg (186ppk), £1110 for 566kg (196ppk), £1005 for 550kg (182ppk). Carryduff farmer £1010 for 572kg (176ppk). Rostrevor farmer £970 for 528kg (183ppk). Annalong farmer £955 for 522kg (183ppk), £945 for 572kg (165ppk). Hilltown farmer £935 for 544kg (171ppk).

Weanling males: Cabra farmer £875 for 442kg (198ppk), £790 for 388kg (203ppk). Attical farmer £850 for 408kg (208ppk), £835 for 410kg (203ppk). Rathfriland farmer £750 for 432kg (173ppk), £705 for 342kg (206ppk), £700 for 332kg (210ppk).

Bullocks: Rathfriland farmer £1395 for 814kg (171ppk), £1260 for 720kg (175ppk), £1240 for 656kg (189ppk), £1235 for 682kg (181ppk). Hilltown farmer £1375 for 770kg (178ppk), £1325 for 762kg (173ppk), £1320 for 794kg (166ppk), £1280 for 768kg (166ppk), £1200 for 686kg (174ppk), £1190 for 630kg (188ppk). Kilkeel farmer £1260 for 720kg (175ppk), £1185 for 642kg (184ppk).