Packed ringside of buyers at Hilltown

There was another great entry of cattle at Hilltown on Saturday 16th May, which sold in a firm trade to a packed ringside of buyers.

Cull Cows: Cull cows sold in a good trade for all classes. Top price cow sold at £940 at 752k from Cabra farmer. Sample Prices: Cabra farmer: 612k at £830, 670k at £770. Mayobridge farmer: 498k at £555. Kilcoo farmer: 400k at £500.

Cows and Calves: There was a good show of quality cows with calves at foot, which sold to £1720 from Donaghmore farmer.

Bulls: Breeding bulls sold to £1240 from Hilltown farmer.

Heifer Weanlings: Over 60 weanling heifers were on show which included several pens of top quality lots. Highest price was £900 at 400k from Rostrevor farmer. Top rate of 262ppk at 194k making £510 from Ballyward farmer. Kilkeel farmer: 320k at £825,290k at £650. Hilltown farmer: 262k at £660, 232k at £550. Cabra farmer: 462k at £850, 362k at £830,354k at £790. Castlewellan farmer: 328k at £750, 298k at £690. Ballyward farmer: 176k at £420.

Heifers: Top price heifer sold at £1100 at 682k from Newry farmer. Top rate of 207ppk at 454k making £940 from Mayobridge farmer. Kilkeel farmer: 336k at £680.Kilowen farmer: 446k at £905. Mayobridge farmer: 500k at £930. Newry farmer: 472k at £940. Ballyward farmer: 496k at £965. Castlewellan farmer: 406k at £780.

Weanling Males: Top price weanling male sold at £960 at 416k from Hilltownfarmer. Top rate of 248ppk at 384k making £955.C astlewellan farmer. Kilkeel farmer: 234k at £525. Rostrevor farmer: 374k at £880, 382k at £840, 388k at £845. Hilltown farmer: 318k at £770, 334k at £790. Banbridge farmer: 376k at £820, Ballyward farmer: 266k at £580, 206k at £575.

Bullocks: Top price bullock made £1185 at 652k from Cabra farmer. Top rate of 240ppk at 438k making £1055 from Castlewellan farmer. Rathfriland farmer: 622k at £1160, 550k at £1085. Cabra farmer: 616k at £1135, 526k at £1090. Castlewellan farmer: 466k at £1075, 438k at £1055, 418k at £960,430k at £930. Katesbridge farmer 326k at £875, 312k at £720; Castlewellan farmer 440k at £1045, 444k at £1010, 462k at £1050, 352k at £900, 448k at £1050, 428k at £970, 372k at £925, 466k at £1045; Kilkeel farmer 570k at £1100, 540k at £1020, 566k at £1080.