Panatac Rumen Proof: on farm results took longer than expected

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton

My local merchant Ernie Rolston from Glenbrook Agri, got me to try out Rumen Proof from Mayo Healthcare in November 2017, writes Andrew Hamilton, dairy farmer, Donacloney, County Down.

He was very enthusiastic about the product, and was getting good results from his other customers.

Ernie, was explaining all the benefits his guys were getting, but what got me onto using the product, was the fact I was having issues with White Line Disease and Laminitis throughout the herd.

My results from using Rumen Proof are:

- After three to four weeks MILK YIELD went up 1.5 litres a cow

- After six weeks I have had a 80% reduction in White Line Disease, and Laminitis is a rarity now.

- It took two weeks for the dung to firm up.

- The cows now, have really strong heats

- Overall health is a lot better, and the cows look fuller and have a nice shine on them

I did stop the Rumen Proof in January for a few days. But the milk yield dropped back at least a litre. I put the cows back on the Rumen Proof again, and was happy enough that the milk yield shot up again.

If anyone is interested in my experience of Rumen Proof, my number is (079)35384463.

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