Parlour Safe accreditation status recognised

Alastair Taylor, CEO of IAgrE
Alastair Taylor, CEO of IAgrE

Parlour Safe, the Milking Equipment Association’s (MEA) industry training scheme for engineers and technicians, has been approved by the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE), in recognition of its professional quality and the standard of its training.

Parlour Safe has seen increasing demand in recent years, as dairy farmers seek to work with professionally accredited technicians to maximise parlour efficiencies.

The MEA has worked closely with the industry and with Reaseheath and Hartpury Colleges to create a categorised, modular course structure that offers the latest practical and technical information on all aspects of parlour management, from dynamic testing and cow welfare, to health and safety and building design.

Comprising four categories, depending on knowledge and experience, Parlour Safe gives individuals a recognised industry accreditation with now both Category 3 and Category 4 awarded with IAgrE approval. This gives qualifying individuals the opportunity to join IAgrE and register as Engineering Technicians (EngTech) with the Engineering Council.

Commenting on this latest development, Ruth Bailey, Chief Executive, MEA, says, “I am thrilled for everyone involved with Parlour Safe that it has once again received this prestigious status from the IAgrE, which acknowledges the expertise and technical abilities of milking machine engineers and technicians”

IAgrE CEO Alastair Taylor commented: “This approval puts Parlour Safe technicians at the same status as those working across many engineering and technology sectors, and after successful completion of Parlour Safe training and assessment, they will be able to gain full IAgrE membership and become registered as Engineering Technicians. The dairy industry should be proud that the technicians who install and maintain milking equipment have the same standing as those working in aviation and other complex sectors. We should celebrate our technicians’ achievements in this way. It is great news for our industry and the people who work in it. It really does raise the bar.”