Pedigree stock given best possible start

Two fine Simmental Pedigree bulls on the farm of William and George Nelson from Roslea, Co Fermanagh'
Two fine Simmental Pedigree bulls on the farm of William and George Nelson from Roslea, Co Fermanagh'

William and George Nelson from Roslea, Co Fermanagh farm a mixed pedigree suckler herd comprising of Simmental and Charolais cattle.

Robert Mollan from Mervue Laboratories (manufacturers of Calf Aid Paste) along with Martin McCaffrey from Deering Farm Supplies,Roslea called in on the Nelson farm to view the prize animals reared on the farm including the two fine Simmental Pedigree bulls pictured.

The high quality of the stock on the Nelson farm is a result of excellent stock management, hard work and a dedication to breeding only the best. However as William explained no matter how good a management system you may have in place, upsets can still occur in the form of calf scours, pneumonia etc which ultimately cause serious upsets to the calf’s life not to mention the huge financial burden on the farmer treating such problems especially in the rearing of pedigree stock. William explained it is hard to put a cost on underperformance of young stock.

William has always been a believer in the importance of giving a calf the best start in life and building up the calf’s defences from day one. This helps to lower the risk of upsets and so about two years ago William and George decided to start using Calf Aid Paste on all of their newborn calves. They purchased Calf Aid Paste from Deering Farm Supplies, Roslea. Martin McCaffrey of Deering Farm Supplies explained how to administer calf aid paste to the newborn calf. One 30ml tube of Calf Aid Paste on the back of the tongue to each calf within the first 12 hours of birth. In so doing, you are embracing the principle that prevention is better than cure as Martin says: “Why wait until you have a problem. It makes good sense on day one to try and prevent it.”

Every newborn calf on the Nelson farm now gets a Calf Aid along with top quality colostrum from its mother. With the administration of Calf Aid Paste you are helping to build up a high immune system for the newborn calf to help fight off common diseases and illnesses and give it the start in life it needs to thrive. George had also commented that with the administration of Calf Aid Paste the newborn Simmental and Charolais calves were also a lot quicker to get up on their feet and had a real appetite to suck. He also remarked on the ongoing health of the calves, and thereby the reduction in incidents of scour and other rearing upsets previously experienced on the farm.

Calf Aid Paste is a micronutrient oral paste formulated specifically for newborn calves at times of stress to support the emerging immune system, growth rates and appetite.

Calf Aid Paste also contains C Guard, a blend of plant extracts, essential oils, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants all supporting the natural management of immunity and gut health.

It is clear to see from the high level of quality in the stock that William and George produce, that the calves get the best quality of care and attention from day one and thus thrive to grow into some of the finest Simmental and Charolais animals in the country.

To find out more information on the Calf Aid Paste or other products please contact Robert on 07770775212 or Chris on 07739061672.