Pig farmers can help in improving the early detection of African swine fever outbreaks

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What would you do if you suspected African swine fever?

Researchers at The Royal Veterinary College are trying to find out pig farmers’ attitudes towards African swine fever: whether you would recognise it, or suspect it, and if so, would you know what to do next?

At the moment there is a lack of information about how quickly the disease would be reported if it came into the UK. Scientists want to know more about pig farmers’ awareness of the disease, its symptoms, and their motivations or barriers for reporting or not reporting a suspicion of the disease.

This knowledge will be especially important in improving the chances of early detection of ASF if it came into this country, and therefore minimising the spread of infection between farms.

ASF continues to cause outbreaks in eastern European countries with devastating impact on the pig industry due to movement restrictions, export restrictions, and infected and contiguous farms being culled.

Please share your opinions – Would you recognise ASF on your farm? What do you think about the reporting system? Click below to complete the survey…

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