Plenty of competition in dressage day at Knockagh View

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The sun was out for Knockagh View’s dressage day which saw good competitive classes at all levels.

Organisers would like to thank judge David Patterson and scribe Gillian McCann. The next dressage day is on Sunday, June 9. For full details visit the website


Class 1 - Intro C: 1st, Orla Carmichael, Super Sox; 2nd, Kim Robinson, Nanny McPhee; 3rd, Clare Hitch, Finbar; 4th, Leeann Adams, Beechmount Maggie; 5th, Judith Hughes, Chiana; 6th, Anna McCavana, Simba

Class 2 - Prelim 1: 1st Ashlee Ervine, Fuzzy; 2nd Orla Carmichael, Super Sox; 3rd Ian Gault, Mull on the run; 4th Joan Gibson, Megan; 5th Judy Gilliland, Zebedee; 6th Sharon Galway, Miss Molly

Class 3 - Prelim 14: 1st James Jenkins, Rocky; 2nd Shelley Boyle, Cairnview; 3rd Courtney Sloan, Starlight; 4th James Jenkins, Aimee; 5th Nadine McClelland, Lucy; 6th Elaine Leinster, Goldie

Class 4 - Novice 24: 1st Nadine McClelland, Lucy; 2nd Helen Hoffin, Rachel.