PM Johnson ‘needs to understand climate change’

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Farmers For Action (FFA) says that whilst everyone hopes that a new brush will sweep clean, time will tell with new Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In a statement the group said that in Mr Johnson’s maiden speech outside No 10 his enthusiasm led him to mention climate change and the relentless pursuit of “Free Trade Deals”.

The statement continued: “FFA’s Steering Committee say this indicated that he, like 90% of the world’s politicians, don’t yet get it the fact that we are in a climate change emergency!

“This week saw Paris, London and other places with the highest temperatures ever, laid bare by the world’s scientists stating that mans influence on global warming is now indisputable. This includes the wreckage of lives, animals and crops across the world due to excess heat or flash floods and rising seas levels such as the Marshal Islands.

“The point is that neither the UK government, the EU or any other government around the world can justify Free Trade Deals, where ships, aeroplanes and lorries are ‘carrying coal to Newcastle’, be that lettuce and other from India by air or Brazilian beef to the EU where we are 102% self sufficient. The carbon emissions cannot be justified to build the aeroplanes, ships, lorries etc then fuel and repair them merely to carry out food swaps around the world to suit the corporates!” the statement continued.

“Farm organisations around the world must now hold their politicians to account on climate change and the needless moving of food around the world that cuts farm gate prices in the countries importing and exporting, thereby, disadvantaging farm incomes and filling the pockets of corporate food retailers, corporate food wholesalers, corporate shipping, aviation and transport companies around the world.

“Politicians immediately must rephrase ‘Free Trade Deals’ to ‘Climate Change Sensitive Free Trade Deals’ if their rhetoric of fairness to all and climate change commitments are to have any creditability.”