Police issue ‘friendly reminder’ to young farmers after stopping teenage driver

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Police in Magherafelt have issued a warning to young farmers after they stopped a 15-year-old driving a tractor on a public road with a friend onboard.

In a facebook post police said they whilst out in Draperstown looking for a wanted male earlier this week they found themselves speaking to the teenager.

The post continued: “We have higher priorities to deal with like drug dealers, burglars, domestic and sexual abusers as well as general criminals to name but a few.

“That said, ignorance and blatant violation of road traffic legislation is widespread in Mid Ulster, just take a look at Magherafelt, Cookstown or Dungannon’s facebook pages on a daily basis - and what’s posted is only a sample of what we deal with,” the post continued.

“We are committed to making our roads safer and reducing killed and serious injury Road Traffic Collisions so if you aren’t legally entitled to drive expect to be stopped.

“If you are 15 years old you are not licenced to be driving on a public road never-mind carry passengers. It’s a stupid and unnecessary way to end up in court. Worse still if you are involved in a collision there is potential to end up behind bars.

“If you are a young licensed driver also be aware there’s a high likelihood you aren’t permitted to be pulling a trailer behind your tractor. Check the back of your licence for permissions,” the post added.