Poultry farmers urged to insure against Avian flu

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Avian flu remains a threat to the UK poultry industry and the Ulster Farmers’ Union is urging farmers to consider insurance against the risk of the disease due to its far-reaching financial consequences for individuals and the wider industry.

This insurance, now being offered by NFU Mutual, the UK’s largest rural insurer, covers the loss of income from that date until flocks are re-established. Furthermore, the policy covers some of the additional costs associated with getting the business up and running again. The cover will be tailored to individual holdings and NFU Mutual has trained agents in the risks and management associated with an avian flu outbreak.

Urging farmers to consider this cover, UFU poultry committee chairman, Tom Forgrave, warned that three outbreaks last year in Great Britain cost the industry more than £50 million.

“I am delighted the NFU Mutual has listened to the requests from the industry and found a way to provide insurance as an option to allow farmers to protect their businesses and the wider poultry industry,” he said.