Pre-tupping trials: Trialled before supplied

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I run a flock of 200 New Zealand Romney ewes and a herd of stabiliser cattle just outside Ballymena, Co Antrim. I’m also the proprietor of Montgomery Farm Supplies.

My main ethos is that I want to offer farmers the best product available, at the best prices, backed up with real on-farm experience based on my own results

There are two things that can quickly improve ewe fertility, which are addressing hidden energy deficits and trace element deficiencies.

There are lots of boluses and drenches on the market that offer varying levels of trace elements. I discovered a high energy drench from Mayo Healthcare, called Tupmaster, which has optimum levels of trace elements, but is also based on the high energy carrier propylene glycol.

It has the double effect of addressing hidden energy deficits and trace element deficiencies.

The Tupmaster gives a good short term boost to the system. A bolus gives up to six months cover.

I decided to trial the Mayo Healthcare bolus on my own flock, against the bolus I was using the year before. Having the inclusion of Zinc was only part of the reason I chose to trial the bolus. It comes, with or without copper, has nearly double the cobalt of any other sheep bolus, and the iodine and selenium were jointly the best spec available on the market.

The Mayo Healthcare bolus group scanned at just under 200% compared to the control group scanning at just over 180%. I also noticed a marked improvement in general ewe fitness over the winter period. I gave the bolus just over three weeks prior to tupping, and again three weeks prior to lambing.

Now that I have my own on-farm experience and results, I have been supplying the ‘All Guard Ewe Bolus’ and Tupmaster since last year, and my customers have been very pleased and are reporting similar results with their own flocks too.

I’m available to discuss my trial results, on 07803618754.