Prizes galore at Tully Farm Harvest Festival

There was an excellent turnout of competitors and spectators for the Tully Farm Harvest Food Festival at Gosford Forest Park.

The event attracted a wide range of animals with competition strong across the various categories.

Brian O'Kane with his Irish Moiled Cow taking it all in his stride at the Tully Farm Harvest Food Festival.

Brian O'Kane with his Irish Moiled Cow taking it all in his stride at the Tully Farm Harvest Food Festival.


Cattle Section

Irish Moiled

Cow: 1st Robert Boyle – Beechmount Daisy; 2nd Brian O’Kane – Carnearney Rose

Heifer: 1st Robert Boyle - Beechmount Bambs; 2nd Sam Smiley – Glassdrummond Cherry 74; 3rd Robert Boyle – Becchmount Daisy 2

Bull: 1st Nigel Edwards – Curraghnakeely Mr. G

Calf: 1st Michelle McCauley – Curraghnakeely Pandora 7th; 2nd Brian O’ Kane – Ravelglen Cal; 3rd Brian O’ kane - Ravelglen

Irish Moiled Breed Champion: Nigel Edwards – Curraghnakeely Mr. G

Irish Moiled Breed Reserve Champion: Robert Boyle - Beechmount Bambs

Beef Shorthorn

Cow: 1st Denise Bailey – Dunsyre Honeysuckle Opal 6th; 2nd DD McDowell – Glenbrae Floss Zippy; 3rd C & M Graham – Croobview Lady Barrington

Heifer: 1st Alwyn Armour - Castlemount Zulu Tessa; 2nd C & M Graham – Croobview Georgina; 3rd H.D Dorman and family - Killycorp Orphan Faith 66th

Bull: 1st DD McDowell – Elliott Matrix

Calf: 1st Kenneth Lynd – Gortlynd Hawthorn Rose; 2nd DD Mc Dowell – Castlemount Hardnut; 3rd Denise Bailey – Croobview Honeysuckle

Beef Shorthorn Champion: Alwyn Armour - Castlemount Zulu Tessa

Beef Shorthorn Reserve Champion: DD McDowell – Elliott Matrix


Heifer: 1st Damien Tumelty & Sons – Castlescreen Winnie; 2nd Elizabeth Thompson – Ballymoat Ava

Bull: 1st Damien Tumelty & Sons – Castlescreen Chevalier; 2nd Elizabeth Thompson 4 Moat Road, Ballyhalbert – Ballymoat Ava; 3rd Damien Tumelty & Sons – Castlescreen Andy

Calf: 1st Patrick Smyth, Castlewellan – Elsa; 2nd Elizabeth Thompson – Ballymoat Cameron; 3rd Damien Tumelty & Sons – Castlescreen Barney

Novice: 1st James O’Rourke – Steadey Eddie; 2nd Damien Tumelty – Castlescreen Barney; 3rd Elizabeth Thompson – Ballymoat Cameron

Champion: Damien Tumelty & Sons – Castlescreen Chevalier

Reserve champion: Damien Tumelty & Sons – Castlescreen Winnie

Any Other Breed

Cow: 1st Charles Drumgoole - (Highland) Cow

Heifer: 1st David Brown - Claycappagh Kate (Whitepark)

Calf: 1st Charles Drumgoole - (Highland) calf

Any Other Breed Champion: Charles Drumgoole - (Highland) Cow

Reserve Any Other Breed Champion: David Brown - Claycappagh Kate (Whitepark)

Aberdeen Angus

Cow: 1st Will Scott & Son - Mossvale Ellie

Heifer: 1st Alywn Armour – Woodvale Nelmercia; 2nd Will Scott & Son 12 Crowhill Road, Warringstown - Woodvale TidyBe

Calf: 1st J & S Short – Crew Lady Jazz; 2nd Will Scott & Son - Mossvale Elma

Breed Champion: Alywn Armour – Woodvale Nelmercia

Reserve Breed Champion: J & S Short – Crew Lady Jazz


Bull: 1st Alywn Armour – Woodvale 1 Limited Edition

Commercial with Native Sire: 1st Shortt & McGaffin – Crossbred - Aberdeen Angus Sire

Mini-Interbreed between Hereford and Commercial

Champion: Alywn Armour – with Hereford – Woodvale 1 Limited Edition

Reserve Champion: Shortt & McGaffin – Crossbred – Aberdeen Angus Sire

Overall Supreme Interbreed Champion

Duncan McDowell: Beef Shorthorn Bull – Elliott Matrix

Reserve Overall Supreme Interbreed Champion

Alywn Armour: Aberdeen Angus Heifer – Woodvale Nelmercia

Second Reserve Overall Supreme Interbreed Champion

Alywn Armour – Hereford Bull – Woodvale 1 Limited Edition (P)

Young Handlers 11-18: 1st Nathan Tumelty- Dexter; 2nd Mathew Graham – Beef Shorthorn; 3rd Corchenia Dorman – Highland

Under 11 years old: 1st Cole Hogg – Irish Moiled; 2nd Hayden Tumelty – Dexter; 3rd Ruby Thompson – Dexter


Ewe Class: 1st Nathan Hylands – Leicester Longwool; 2nd R.J. McCauley – Southdown; 3rd Nathan Hylands – Leicester Longwool

Ram Class: 1st R.J. McCauley – Southdown; 2nd R.J. McCauley – Galway

Shearling Ewe Class: 1st R.J. McCauley- Southdown; 2nd R.J. McCauley- Southdown; 3rd Nathan Hylands – Dorset

Shearling Ram Class: 1st R.J. McCauley

Ewe Lamb Class: 1st R.J. McCauley- Kerryhill; 2nd Carrie Angus- Kerryhill; 3rd Carrie Angus- Kerryhill

Kerryhill Ewe Class: 1st R.J. McCauley; 2nd Carrie Angus; 3rd Carrie Angus

Ram Lamb Class: 1st Rachel Armour – Suffolk

Zwarble Breed: 1st Ram – Caroline Lyons; 2nd Ewe – Caroline Lyons

Champion of champions in the sheep section: Nathan Hylands – Leicester Longwool

Reserve interbreed champion: R.J. McCauley – Southdown

Young Handler winner: Caroline Lyons


Senior Gilt born on or after 01/07/14: 1st Samara Radcliff – Saddle Back; 2nd Chris Fry – Middle White; 3rd Wilma Currie- Saddle White

Pig Class – Junior Gilt born in 2015: 1st Ernest Gregg – Middle White

Boar any breed born before 01/07/14: 1st Ernest Gregg; 2nd Samara Radcliff

Junior Boar Born after 01/07/14: 1st Ernest Gregg

Sow Any Breed Born before 01/07/14: 1st Ernest Gregg Middle White; 2nd Ernest Gregg Berkshire

Champion of Champions in the Pig Section: Ernest Gregg

Reserve Champion: Samara Radcliff.

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