Pro Glide mowers at G.A. Allen demo

McHale ProGlide R3100 rear mower
McHale ProGlide R3100 rear mower

G.A. Allen and McHale are hosting a McHale Demo Day on Tuesday, August 9, from 10am to 4pm. Woods Rosbotham has kindly agreed to host the event.

The venue is located beside the A1 carriageway (main Dublin to Belfast Road) on the Barronstown Road (BT25 1NT) at Dromore, Co Down. This will be sign posted on the day.

Organisers are looking forward to the event as it will be a great opportunity for you to see the McHale ProGlide mowers in action as well as the new Orbital wrapper and the well known Fusion 3 plus, F5 baler and C460.

If you require any more information leave a message on their Facebook page, email or call +44(0)28 4065 1303.


PRO GLIDE F3100 – Front Mower

McHale’s design team have designed the frame on the Pro Glide front mower to place the centre of gravity as close as possible to the tractor which results in unrivalled responsiveness to changes in ground conditions

The support frame on the McHale Pro Glide mower responds to uneven terrain to glide over the ground through the use of an integrated suspension.

The integrated suspension allows the mowing unit to move completely independently from the front linkage and guarantees the best possible pattern of movement of the mower unit by allowing the cutter bar to immediately respond in an up and down or left and right motion to changes in ground conditions.

At standard settings the cutter bar has a remarkable 500mm adaptive range, which allows the mower to automatically adjust to ground contours.

Left/right pivot range of 17 degrees allows the cutter bar to follow right to left or left to right changes in ground conditions without overloading the cutter bar.

When faced with an incline or decline in ground conditions the cutter bar automatically adjusts its mowing angle by inclining upwards over bumps and slants downwards into a dip which ensures optimum results.

The McHale Pro Glide front mower range is fitted with patented active spring compensator technology which ensures that the mower cutter bar always applies the same ground pressure regardless of the working height. When the ground pressure is set on the springs, as the mower travels downward the patented spring compensator controls the spring tension and ensures that the weight of the cutter bar on the ground is kept uniform regardless of the working height.

The Pro Glide tubular support frame is designed to maximise the cutter bars clearance for headland turns and when in transport. When raised the mower has an impressive clearance of over 600mm between the bottom of the cutter bar and the ground (this will vary depending on tractor type and tyres) Stabiliser stops built into the tubular frame keep the mower centred during transport.

PRO GLIDE R3100 – Rear Mower

The McHale Pro Glide R3100 rear mowers comes standard with unique patented ground following technology, break- back protection, hydraulic ground pressure control and heavy duty bed design which make the Pro Glide a smart choice for farmers and contractors alike

To achieve the maximum performance and results from a rear mower the cutter bar and mower suspension works together to deliver uncontaminated forage.

As a result McHale have developed unique patented ground adaption technology which deliver three dimensional ground contour tracking for its Pro Glide range of rear mowers which allows an arc of movement from left to right and forward and back movement of the cutter bar.

The Pro Glide range of rear mowers is fitted with patented ground adaption technology which allows the bed to move back and up if the bed encounters small obstacles. This saves time and maximises throughput as it means the obstacle does not trigger the main break back protection. This results in higher mowing speeds being able to be achieved without the interruption of having to reset the break back. If the mower hits an immovable object it is fitted with mechanical break back which will be triggered.

The Pro Glide rear suspension springs react instantly to ground contours which results in high quality cut even when working at high ground speeds. This allows the mower to easily mow on rough or undulating terrain and still deliver optimum results.

On the Pro Glide rear mowers the cutter bar ground pressure can be set from the tractor cab. The working pressure is visually displayed on the clock which is mounted on the headstock. Once the desired pressure is selected the cutter bar working pressure can be isolated from the tractor hydraulics with a mechanical tap.

On the McHale Pro Glide range of rear mowers the gearbox powering the cutter bar is located behind the first mower disc which allows the operator to mow into corners and over rough terrain with no problems occurring.

For transportation, the McHale Pro Glide folds vertically to position itself behind the centre point of the tractor for safe transport. The transport height of the machine is reduced thanks to the positioning of the mower bed at 110 degree angle.

This position allows for the centre of gravity to be close to the tractor which ensures even weight distribution and stability during transport at high speeds on the road or in uneven fields.

This position allows for the mower to distribute its weight across the tractor for ease of transport on the road while also providing the driver with a clear view from his rear-view mirrors.