Profitable calf rearing with SkimSmart

Photo: Donal O' Leary
Photo: Donal O' Leary

In order to optimise the performance of the calf in later life, it is essential to maximise both feed intake and growth rates in the first 60 days.

Increasing the plane of nutrition in those first two months not only promotes a reduction in age at first calving, but it has also shown to increase milk yield in the animal’s first lactation.

With this in mind, Lakeland Agri have recently launched their SkimSmart Calf Milk Replacer, which has been formulated to maximise health and performance in the early stages of the calf’s life.

Containing a high skim milk content (60%), SkimSmart is different when compared to whey based calf milk replacers, in that the casein in the skim coagulates to form a curd in the abomasum, which is slowly digested over time (6 hrs +). Whey based milk replacers on the other hand remain in liquid form in the abomasum for 1-2 hours and move into the small intestine for further digestion.

SkimSmart contains probiotics which are used to balance the gut, protect against pathogens in the gastro intestinal area and reduce the risk from scour causing bacteria. In addition, it also contains high levels of vitamins (including B vitamins) and minerals to promote overall animal health and performance.

According to Alan Hurst, Technical and Product Manager at Lakeland Agri: “Using only top ingredients, SkimSmart is a quality, consistent, soft-flowing and well acidified nutrient source, which will set the young calf on its way to achieve optimum performance in later life.”

To find out more about SkimSmart Calf Milk Replacer, contact your local Lakeland Agri sales rep or call the customer services centre on 028 302 62311.