Promat is official cow comfort company for show

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The Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre at the Canadian Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock Ontario is a beacon of the latest and greatest in dairy farming products, from the most up to date technology in Milking Robotics, feed, ventilation, and Cow Comfort.

This year will mark the 26th annual Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. Since the inception of the Innovation Centre, Wilson Agri’s Dealer Promat has been the official Cow Comfort company.

They have donated the full 70 mattresses to the centre to ensure total Cow Comfort during the show. The Dairy Innovation Centre has pioneered showcasing the best in Canadian dairy practices, all of which would not be possible without the outstanding support from the Canadian Dairy Community in providing equipment, finance and cows of course, from its 16 corporate supporters to the many volunteers who make this event possible.

All of this cutting-edge dairy technology is curated into a live working dairy with 70 cows split into two groups robotically milked and fed. Under a viewing gallery that sees up to 45,000 visitors pass through during the duration of the Canadian Outdoor Farm Show.

The Cowcoon has been sold in the UK since 2012 where it has been most successful among robotic dairies, who benefit most from the uncompromising Cow Comfort and the way that it delivers cleaner beds which are essential to ensure ease of management in a robotic dairy.

In 2018 Wilson Agri introduced the Cowcoon Stalls to the Dairy Innovation Centre; COWCOON, being the hybrid cow stall that utilizes a flexible polyethylene tube across the bottom portion of loop that acts as a shock absorber, reducing stress on the cow while ensuring proper positioning, cleaner stalls and dramatically reduces spinal lesions. Cowcoons have been chosen by over 300 dairy farms worldwide with over 30,000 cows enjoying their clean and comfortable resting space it provides.

Other products which complete this dream stall environment are the Poly Pillow and the Bossy Bumper, pampering the cow in every area of her resting environment.

This year saw another successful presentation of these state-of-the-art cow comfort products for the most discerning of Canada’s dairy farmers.