Provita clocks up 25 years of production

Tommy Armstrong checking Advance+ keep samples in the lab at Provita's Omagh factory
Tommy Armstrong checking Advance+ keep samples in the lab at Provita's Omagh factory

Provita’s unequalled track record in manufacturing high quality silage inoculants is an undoubted, success story.

The company is the only GMP+, Feed and UFAS registered manufacturer of silage inoculants in Northern Ireland with a share of the market that reflects both the company’s heritage and its proven ability to develop products that fully deliver for local farmers. Advance+ is Provita’s brand leader within the silage additive sector.

Advance+ is manufactured exclusively at our Omagh facility,” confirmed Provita’s Tommy Armstrong.

“All of the ingredients contained within Advance+ are under our total control throughout the manufacturing process. This allows us to meet, and indeed, surpass all of the standards laid down by all of the certification and accreditation bodies where silage inoculants are concerned.”

Advance+ is a unique three strain product containing 2 lactic acid producing strains and one acetic acid producing strain. When applied at the recommended rate it supplies a guaranteed minimum of 1.2 million cfu per gram of forage at point of application. The Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus pentosaceus strains give a rapid lactic acid fermentation and the Lactobacillus brevis converts some lactic acid to acetic acid. The strains work together to give the benefits of a traditional rapid lactic fermentation plus improved stability. Advance+ can therefore be used in forages of all levels of dry matter plus in a wide range of crops including grass, wholecrop and maize.

Tommy Armstrong again: “Every step in the manufacturing process is recorded with samples of each inoculant batch manufactured retained for future reference.

“As a result, we guarantee total traceability, reflecting every aspect of the manufacturing and subsequent distribution process, where each consignment of Advance+ is concerned.”

Tommy also confirmed that the Provita staff at the manufacturing facility in Omagh are now working at full capacity to meet expected demand for Advance+ this year by local farmers.

“The peak manufacturing period extends from the beginning of March through until the end of June,” he said.

“Demand for Advance+ continues to grow. This, in turn, reflects the trust that farmers in Northern Ireland are happy to place in a local company to help improve their silage quality.”

Advance+ is available in liquid and granular form. The ready to use granular product is available in 20kg tubs that treats 50 tt and is applied at 400g per tt. The 1 kg powder to liquid box treats 100 t of grass. Advance+ liquid is a ready to use product and can be applied at standard 2L per tt down to 40ml per tonne.

Discounts are available for quantity and cash prices worth up to 15p per tt. Applicator deals are available for all types of harvesters and balers. Finally, a free Balmoral show ticket is available per 250 tt ordered.

Contact Tommy Armstrong on 077 2010 1444 for more information.