Provita Protect proven and trusted to reduce calf scour

Francis Connon uses Provita Protect for all his newborn calves
Francis Connon uses Provita Protect for all his newborn calves

Across Northern Ireland and further afield Provita Protect POM-VPS is trusted to give calves the best possible, scour-free start in life.

Manure samples in the clinical trials demonstrated Protect treated calves did have exposure to all main scour causing pathogens including E.coli, Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Salmonella and Cryptosporidium. However the calves had less scour which demonstrated broad spectrum protection against a wide range of pathogens by helping calves to develop active immunity against these pathogens via four different modes of action.

Protect POM-VPS is working successfully on many farms internationally and locally.

Father and son team Peter and Ciaran Kerr run a successful calf rearing business on the family’s Lurgan farm. Ciaran explains how important each calf is to their business:

“We are selling on the calves that we bring on to the farm. So it is crucially important that they remain healthy at all times.

“Each calf gets a shot of Protect immediately on arrival. And it certainly acts to boost their immune systems. We do everything possible to ensure that the calves are reared in accordance with the highest management standards. But sometimes this isn’t enough to prevent an outbreak of scours. However, since we started using Protect, problems of this type have not arisen.”

Philip Kelly, from Markethill in Co Armagh, is committed to rearing his calves as well as possible. Good farm management and ensuring that Provita Protect POM-VPS is used as part of their routine, is very important on his farm.

“I was advised to treat each newborn calf with Protect to boost their immune system and since then the results achieved have been very impressive. Since using Protect, there has been a dramatic reduction in scours.

“The impact of using it is all the more significant, given that we do not vaccinate the cows against any of those diseases that can cause scours in calves.”

Cool Brae Farm owner, Sam Chesney manages a herd of Limousin suckler cows mated to British Blue and Limousin sires.

“The calves receive Protect as soon as it is born. Experience with the product has confirmed that it significantly reduces the incidence of scours and in the event of any calf coming down with the problem, we have found that it is much easier cured. I would heartily recommend its use to any dairy or suckler herd owner.”

Francis Connon, owner of Ballymena-based Connon General Merchants, manages a 200-strong suckler herd. He also runs an additional group of 50 replacement heifers. The herd comprises a mix of Salers and Simmental cross cows with a mix of Angus and Charolais bulls currently used, from a breeding point of view.

“We follow the Protect application regime to the letter over the calves’ first two days of life. And it’s an approach that has worked well from us. Problems with scour never raise their head.”

George Shaw farms on the outskirts of Castlewellan in Co Down. The business is home to a small herd of spring calving suckler cows plus a number of bought in cattle.

“It is critical for calves to get the best possible start. I will make sure that each calf born to our own suckler cows gets plenty of colostrum during those first critical hours of life. Thereafter, every step is taken to ensure that the calf’s nutritional requirements are met in full. And this includes administering Provita Protect.

“It is also policy to treat each bought in calf with Protect. And all I can say is that the results achieved have been nothing more than positive. Each purchased calf gets two shots of Protect within 24 hours of arrival, which are followed up with single dose applications on days two and three. Since using Protect, scours have not featured at all within the calf unit.”

All these farms combine good management and hygiene with Protect to reduce calf scour.

For more information call Provita on 028 8225 2353.