Provita will feature Advance+ trial results

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Provita will have a major presence at this year’s Balmoral Show. The company will be prominently located in the Agri Pavilion.

Provita will be featuring the results of a recent on farm trials which confirm the benefits of its new inoculant Advance+.

Provita will be highlighting the results of its most recent silage research at Balmoral 2015

Provita will be highlighting the results of its most recent silage research at Balmoral 2015

Many of the trials in the EU registration system used mini-silos to compare the differences between treated and untreated silages.

As part of their ongoing commitment to clinical research and on-farm testing, Provita decided to also use mini-silo tests on Northern Ireland farms in 2014 to test their newly reformulated Advance+.

This technique means that treated and untreated silage from the same field just a few metres apart can be tested and compared. This means that the same grass, from the same field, from the same cut and the same conditions can be compared equally.

The benefits from the Advance+ treated silage were so obvious as soon as the lid was opened farmers could smell the extra sugars and feel the drier crops. If these were left open for a few days the difference became even more obvious with the treated silage remaining sweet smelling and the untreated going off.

Tests then carried out at various laboratories confirmed these benefits. Farmers can see these mini-silo tests on the Provita stand at the Balmoral show 2015. Provita can arrange for this to be done on their farm so that they can see the difference in Advance+ treated verses untreated on their own farm.

With recent blood analysis results confirming that trace mineral and vitamin levels are becoming an issue on many local livestock farms, Provita is advising farmers to take the required corrective action with cattle and sheep now at grass by using a drench to correct any deficiencies.

ProVitaMin is a range of chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench form. The drench format contains all the essential chelated minerals, vitamins and trace element that animals may need. The product is also designed to improve fertility, growth performance and thriftiness.

“ProVitaMin drench is particularly useful for young stock or adult animals pre-calving/pre-lambing, pre-servicing/pre tupping and flushing.

“As a consequence of its highly concentrated formula, a 50ml dose is all that’s required for adult cattle or a 10ml dose for adult sheep, facilitating quick and easy drenching. ProVitaMin is also available for sheep, with or without Copper.”

Tommy added: “We will be doing a special offer at the show of order 2.5ltr and get 1ltr FREE, the product will then be supplied via local Provita stockists.

“Lameness continues to be one of the biggest drains on animal performance. Our Hoofcare range can help reduce this problem within our tailored hoofcare control plans. Details of our automated hoofcare system will also be available at the show. It will guarantee that our footbath solution is filled to the right depth at the right dilution rate every time.

“We have been expanding rapidly over the last 15 years I have worked for the company. As the business has expanded we want to maintain the quality of our sales support and service, we are therefore now recruiting for a farm sales rep for Northern Ireland. Potential applicants are encouraged to come along to find out more information,” concluded Tommy Armstrong.