PSNI operation uncovers unlicensed medication

DUP MLA Willaim Irwin
DUP MLA Willaim Irwin

A PSNI operation in South Armagh has uncovered a quantity of veterinary medication not licensed for sale in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The operation, which specifically targeted properties in Crossmaglen and Silverbridge, has been welcomed by DUP MLA William Irwin, who said the value of this anti-crime operation “could not be overstated”.

He said: “I very much welcome this important anti-crime operation mounted by the PSNI and I am alarmed that veterinary medication has been uncovered which is not licensed for sale or use in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

“I have spoken to the PSNI and I understand that two locations were searched in the operation in South Armagh. The recovery of this medication is vital given the importance of food traceability and the rigid monitoring of medication given to livestock.

“For illegal medication to be uncovered is of course a worry and I know that other agencies will be assisting the PSNI in the identification of this medication and any possible uses of it.”

He concluded: “Food standards are very high in Northern Ireland and for good reason, therefore it is important that the PSNI continue this valuable investigative work and effectively weed out any rogue operators that could present a risk of any level to public health. I thank the PSNI sincerely for this proactive Police work.”