Quality bedding supports compliance

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In 2019 every farmer knows the health of their cattle is crucial to farm success and this is why Miller Bedding continues to focus on sourcing and supplying some of the highest specification dairy cattle bedding products available.

For every dairy farmer, hygiene has to be a key consideration, especially as we move through the winter into spring season.

A key factor in hygiene is the use of the right animal bedding to help achieve the best possible economic results. At Miller Bedding they provide bedding that is Red Tractor compliant giving the farmer peace of mind in knowing that they are providing a quality compliant bedding solution for their cattle.

Commenting on compliance Glen Miller, Director, said: “As with every industry sector compliance is and will continue to be a key issue and at Miller Bedding we believe our mission is to support dairy farmers through the provision of bedding that provides a win:win in terms of supporting healthy cattle to produce strong yields and in turn improve the profitability of the farm. Whilst bedding is one of many supply purchases made by farmers we firmly believe it is an important one in the overall context of the farm. We look forward to working with dairy farmers in 2019 and wish all dairy farmers every success in the year ahead.”

In 2019 Miller Bedding are delighted to be able to supply a range of products including kiln dried sawdust and wood pellet fines.

These products are available in a variety of sizes (bulk, bales and bags) to suit the needs of dairy farmers and with constant supply this enables dairy farmers to manage stock levels in an affordable manner.