Quality Feed Mixer available from Abbey Machinery

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It has been a most challenging year for the farming sector with unpredictable weather making grass growth, field work and forward planning quite difficult. With every challenge, there is an opportunity and those who are most prepared can meet and surpass these challenges.


Carry out a winter feed budget of available feeds and forages on hand. Work out animal feed requirements for the winter and decide the deficit that needs to be filled. Looking to available locally sourced alternative feeds should be the starting point and then the feed miller.

Ruminant animals require a base of quality digestible fibre in the diet, rough fibre to enhance rumen function, balanced with appropriate other energy sources, protein and minerals and vitamins. Having a homogenous, well mixed, well balanced diet triggers the rumen to maximise output. This requires a quality feed mixer.

Abbey Feed Mixer

Abbey Machinery make a range of 18 different Diet Feeders from 8 cube to 33.5 cubic metre (single, twin and triple auger). Their precision Diet Feeders uniquely come with low auger profiles, high spec Comer Gear boxes, industry leading levels of machine engineering and build design. In addition they also have TMR Tracker available for those milk and meat producers looking to get the very most from their stock. The design of the Diet Feeder allows the machine to run with minimal horse power and fuel requirements. The large feed-out door facilitates rapid emptying, helping farmers save valuable time.

The company said, they have been extremely busy and anyone looking at investing in an Abbey Feeder should look early to avoid any long lead times.

For further information contact David 0’Malley (07393-116850), Abbey Machinery on 00353-67-26677 or visit www.abbeymachinery.com or visit their Facebook page.