Rams sell to 920gns at Gortin Mart

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An excellent trade last Friday at Gortin as rams sold to 920gns.

Prices as follows: Alistair Breen 920gns, Chris Mullan 880gns, Robert Robinson 820gns, 810gns. Robert Robinson 800gns, Andrew Fyffe 750gns, John Watson 730gns, Philip Hammond 720gns, 500gns, 480gns, 460gns, 390gns, 380gns, 360gns, 350gns, Andrew Fyffe 650gns, 620gns, 620gns, Robert Robinson 600gns, Andrew Fyffe 550gns, A Liggett 500gns, Brian Dooher 380gns, M and J Watson 380gns, 300gns, Seamus McBride 370gns, 350gns, 340gns, 300gns.