Rams sell up to 370gns at Gortin Mart

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An excellent breeding ram sale started off the sale on Monday with rams up to 370gns followed by a strong lamb and ewe trade.

FAT LAMBS: Cecil McIlwaine £88.50/25kg,G Campbell £87/28kg, Stephen Lindsay £85.80/26kg, S and A Conway £85.20/25kg, James McGaughey £85.20/26kg, Stephen Lindsay £85, John Adair £84.80/25kg,James McGaughey £84.50/26kg, Denis McConnell £81.50/24kg, Oliver Kerr £81/24kg, S and N A Conway £80.80/23kg, James Buchanan £80/24kg, S Whelen £77/23kg, Robert Rutledge £76/22kg, G Campbell £75/22kg, J Smyth £75/22kg, Elsie McVeigh £74.80/22kg, Rosemary O’Neill £74.80/23kg, Aidan Morris £74.50/22kg, Peter McKenna £72.20/21kg, Peter Carland £72/21kg, M and S Doyle £72/21kg, Oliver Kerr £70.80/21kg, George McGeagh £70.80/21kg.

STORE LAMBS: Cathal Nugent £68, M and S Doyle £67.50, Mary Mitchell £67, Andrew Robinson £67, Albert Baxter £64, £61, S Whelan £63.20, Peter Carland £63,Ernest Knox £61, Cathal Nugent £60.50, David Hempton £57, Fred Farrelly £56.

FAT EWES: David Hempton £98, £92, Mark McCrabbe £88, £81,£80, Martin Devine £82, Patrick Forbes £80, Edward McCullagh £80, David O’Neill £79, Martin Devine £76, £75, Edward McCullagh £75, Robert Pattison £73,

BREEDING RAMS: David Mawhinney 370gns, Ronald Scott 305gns, William Moore 300gns, 280gns, 270gns, 270, 300gns, Ronald Scott 290gns, Mark McCrabbe 270gns, 250gns, 250gns, Neville Martin 235gns, 210gns, 200gns, David Mawhinney 230gns, 220gns, 210gns,200gns, 200gns, 190gns, Robert Booth 200gns, D and W Clarke 200gns.