Rathfriland Co-Op: Suckler cows sell to £1,430, bullocks to £1,250 and heifers to £1,245

Rathfriland Co-Op
Rathfriland Co-Op

Every pen was filled on Friday (April 26) and with buyers from all six counties and export buyers ensured a tremendous trade.

In the heifer section, a Seapatrick producer sold a pen of Aberdeen Angus at £1,245, £1,210, £1,190, £1,185 and £1,155.

A Dromore farmer reached £1,200 for heifers. In the bullock section, a Kilcoo farmer reached £1,250, £1,200 and £1,125 for three Charolais.

A Dromara farmer reached £1,250 for a 17 month old Limousin.

215 weanlings sold to £1,090 for a Killowen producer and to £1,020 for a Kinallen farmer.

The price per kilo for weanlings was staggering eg, a Rathfriland farmer sold 23 Charolais males sold to 276p/k for 310k at £855 or 274p/k for 316k at £865 and averaged almost 240p/k.

In the dropped calf section, a Dromore farmer reached £680 for an outstanding Limousin bull a few months old with others at £610 and £560 and heifers at £590.

A four week old blue bull from Ballynafern sold at £425.

A Rathfriland farmer sold suckler heifers at £1,430 and £1,400 with young calves at foot.

A Kilcoo farmer sold a Charolais bull at £1,340.

A big entry of fat cows sold in a much better trade.

An Aughlisnafin farmer reached £785 for 590k and a Tanvally farmer obtained £785 for 566k.


Dromore farmer: Bulls, £680, £610, £560, heifers £590, £540, £450 and £435. Ballynafern farmer: Belgian Blue bulls to £425 and Holstein heifers to £310. Gilford farmer: Belgian Blue bull £345. Clontifleece farmer: 2 Simmental bulls £340 and £335. Seaforde farmer: Limousin bull £325. Derrylough farmer: Belgian Blue bull £300 and Hereford bull £300.


Rathfriland farmer: 23 Charolais males, 310k at £855 or 276p/k, 316k at £865, 252k at £670 or 266p/k, 246k at £655 or 266p/k, 266k at £690 or 260p/k, 292k at £740 or 254p/k, 288k at £690 or 240p/k etc. Lisnaduff farmer: 232k at £590 or 254p/k, 200k at £500 or 200p/k. Annalong farmer: 340k at £830, 356k at £850. Backaderry farmer: 380k at £880, 366k at £840. Leitrim farmer: 368k at £875, 382k at £940. Ballinran farmer: 390k at £925 and 332k at £760. Mayobridge farmer: 306k at £830 or 271p/k and 356k at £875 or 244p/k. Loughorne farmer: 330k at £770, 340k at £760, 418k at £928. Emdale farmer: 368k at £855. Killowen farmer: 530k at £1,090. Kinallen farmer: 558k at £1,020. Hillsborough farmer: 428k at £950, 434k at £930 etc.


Seapatrick farmer: 692k at £1,245, 640k at £1,210, 658k at £1,190, 650k at £1,185, 704k at £1,155. Dromore farmer: 640k at £1,210. Annaong farmer: 646k at £1,140, 640k at £1,100. Rathfriland farmer: 640k at £1,210. Rathfriland farmer: 594k at £1,130, 580k at £1,050. Kilcoo farmer: 514k at £1,090. Castlevennon farmer: 600k at £1,025, 540k at £1,000. Dromore farmer: 380k at £810, 492k at £965, 450k at £870 etc.


Heifers with calves at foot £1,430 and £1,400 for Rathfriland farmer. Kilcoo farmer: £1,340.

Fat cows to £785 for 594k from Aughlisnafin. Tanvalley farmer: 566k at £785. Castlewellan farmer: 620k at £780. Ballinahinch farmer: 696k at £775. Hillsborough farmer: 538k at £750, 490k at £610, 472k at £575. Aughlisnafin farmer: 488k at £570 etc.


Kilcoo farmer: 674k at £1,250, 640k at £1,200 and 554k at £1,125. Mulladrin farmer: 704k at £1,250. Benraw farmer: 658k at £1,150, 606k at £1,120, 606k at £1,100 and 620k at £1,070. Hillsborough farmer: 480k at £900. Dromore farmer: 424k at £920. Co Armagh farmer: 388k at £790, 376k at £740, 350k at £630, 326k at £640 etc.


53 Friesian and Holstein bullocks sold to £885 for 574k from Newry.

There was a good consistant trade for all classes of sheep on Tuesday (April 30) evening.

Spring lambs sold to £105 for 20k from Annaclone.

The top 10 lots selling from £102 to £105.

A smaller entry of hoggets cleared up to £102.50 for heavy hoggets from Aghaderg.

The top 10 lots selling from £91 to £102.50.

Fat ewes peaked at £107 for 11 ewes from Aghaderg.

Ewes with lambs at foot sold to £192 per head.


Annaclone farmer: 20k at £105. Castlewellan farmer: 23.6k at £104. Ballinahinch farmer: 22k at £103. Newcastle farmer: 22k at £103. Donaghmore farmer: 23.2k at £103 and 22.9k at £103. Ardarragh farmer: 21k at £103. Enagh farmer: 22.6k at £103. Kilkeel farmer: 23k at £102.


Aghaderg farmer: 30k at £102.50. Drinn farmer: 35k at £98. Ballinahinch farmer: 29k at £97. Poyntzpass farmer: 33k at £96. Loughinisland farmer: 29.8k at £96. Dromore farmer: 34k at £95 and 23.5k at £92.


Aghaderg farmer: 11 at £107. Killyleagh farmer: 3 at £97. Annalong farmer: 2 at £97. Drinn farmer: 4 at £95. Castlewellan farmer: 1 at £94. Castlewellan farmer: 28 at £90.