Readers asked to identify harvest scene

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This fantastic picture of a harvesting scene has been sent to Farming Life by Robin Moran who hopes that readers may be able to shed some light on the area the picture was taken and, indeed, by whom.

Robin explains: “I recently found this old photo which shows a harvesting scene. The photo is signed N R Thompson – Londonderry.

“It shows a reaper being pulled by a pair of horses mowing, probably oats at a guess in the 1930s. More modern binders had been available 30 years earlier but weren’t common locally except maybe on bigger farms. The number of workers involved in this scene suggests that it might well have been a larger farm.

“The reaper would have had two operators on board, one to drive the horses and one to control the machine itself by operating the sheaf board and tilting rake. The mown oats were left in sheaf size lumps which can be seen behind the mower. These lumps were then bundled up into sheaves using tying’s made from the straw itself and then stooked upright to run the rain off.

“The photo shows eight ‘tyers’ performing this operation to clear the swath in time for the horses and reaper to cut the next swath. Some of the men have left their coats hanging on recently erected stooks.”

Robin is hoping that someone could provide a few details on the photographer or the location the picture was taken.

Contact Farming Life and we will pass the relevant information to Robin.