Reduced numbers at Plumbridge but prices remain strong

Numbers reduced but prices still strong for the cattle this week.

Sample prices:

Male Calves: S. Bradley 380kg/£915, 390kg/£790, 380kg/£720, 290kg/£745, 370kg/£750. M. Connell 420kg /£810, 450kg/£880, P. V. O’Neill 510kg/£935, 310kg/£790, B. Kerlin 440kg/£825, 370kg/£740, R. Coyle 430kg/£840, 340kg/£750,.

Heifer Calves: P and J McGaughey 470kg/£915, 460kg/£700, 430kg /£765. S. Bradley 300kg/£805, 340kg/£795, 330kg/£805. M. Connell 420kg/£870, 380kg/£750. P. V. O’Neill 330kg/£820,370kg/£825.J. J. McAleer 370kg/£730,340kg/£710, 350kg/£690, 370kg/£680. R. Coyle 320kg/£820, 360kg/£745, N. McIlwaine 390kg/£850, 370kg/£810, 350kg/£680.


Fat Hoggs: C. Logan £89 & £89, C. Conway £89 & £90, W. Crawford £89. Ewes and lambs J. Timoney £167 & £160 for twins. W. Crawford £131, £120 & £131 for Hoggs and Singles