REDX, Norwegian Red Sexed Genetics means more high value heifers faster

REDX ,means more high value replacement heifers faster.
REDX ,means more high value replacement heifers faster.

Genus ABS has announced that REDXTM, Norwegian Red sexed genetics is available exclusively through the HYVIGTM crossbreeding platform.

REDX combines 21st century technology with increased performance gained from Norwegian Red genetics.

Kyle Henry, Genus ABS, comments: “REDX allows our customers to increase their genetic progress by breeding elite females to REDX sexed genetics, producing more high value heifers as replacements, faster. Not only that, with REDX they will also reap the benefits that the Norwegian Red breed offers in terms of improved longevity, health and fertility.

“Including sexed genetics in the farm breeding strategy also allows farmers to become more selective when using beef on dairy semen for lower genetic merit cows within the herd – an extra bonus of extra income from beef cross calves.”

REDX uses new and patented technology from IntelliGen® Technologies. Genus invested significantly to develop what is considered to be a breakthrough in sexed genetics. The advanced technology helps improve performance – it has been tested and validated extensively through ABS Global Real World Data® which includes results from 12,000 units of sexed genetics. Data shows IntelliGen technology achieves a higher relative conception rate when compared to conventional semen than other sexed genetic products currently available.

“The much-anticipated REDX sexed Norwegian Red genetics is going to be very popular with our customers. For more information on sires available and for help incorporating into your breeding strategy, contact your local Genus ABS representative today,” concludes Kyle.

The Norwegian Red breed is renowned around the world for its superb health and unrivalled fertility and is issued in many successful crossbreeding systems resulting in improved performance and ultimately, profit.

HYVIG offers a tailor-made breeding strategy based around the unique genetics of the Norwegian Red breed, alongside the world-leading genetics of Genus ABS Holsteins. HYVIG is the dairy crossbreeding solution that gives you more.

What are the benefits of using REDXTM?

Superior Norwegian Red genetics

90% relative conception rate (powered by IntelliGen).

Produces more high value heifers faster

21st century IntelliGen technology

* It also allows for more use of Beef on Dairy.