‘Refurbish and repurpose’ talk at Muckamore

Margaret Dean proposed the vote of thanks to Lynsey Allen
Margaret Dean proposed the vote of thanks to Lynsey Allen

Elizabeth Gray, President of Muckamore Women’s Institute, welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2020 and wished them a Happy New Year. The evening was fun and games.

Lynsey Allen gave a very interesting presentation on ‘Refurbish and Repurpose’ - why we should stop buying plastic such as bags and use one that can be reused.

Lynsey also spoke to members about the Repair Cafe which is volunteer led. A repair cafe is a meeting in which people repair household electrical and mechanical devices, computers, bicycles, clothing and such like. Repair Cafes often have room for volunteers who like to act as host or hostess. In this role, you provide everyone with coffee and tea or you can help new visitors at the reception table and act as a contact for the repair experts. There are Repair Cafes in the Antrim and Newtownabbey areas.

Mrs Margaret Dean proposed a vote of thanks to Lynsey.

Fun and games continued with team quiz games.

The winners were team “University Challenged”.

The Birthday girl was Heather Kerr.

The Competiton for the evening was “A Dice” which was won by Linda Brown, 2nd Mary Taylor and 3rd Joan Gray.

The evening finished with a delicious supper.