‘Relief funds must be spent correctly’

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SDLP MP for South Down, Margaret Ritchie, has welcomed the news that the Northern Ireland Executive will receive £1.322 million through Barnett Consequential for the £50m provided for flood relief.She has also called for this funding to be spent on flood defence and relief for the areas and communities affected.

Ms Ritchie said that many families and areas across Northern Ireland have been affected by flooding, some on a near annual basis.

She added: “It is devastating at any time of the year, but particularly so in the run-up to Christmas.

“It is vital that Northern Ireland gets its fair dues of Barnett Consequential funding and the £50m to be spent in England on flood relief is no exception.

“The question that I submitted to the Chancellor of the Exchequer means that the Executive now has an exact figure for how much Northern Ireland is entitled to from this fund.”

“It is now imperative that this funding is claimed and, critically, is not lost within the central pot.

“This funding must be directed towards and spent upon the families and communities affected by flooding across the north.”