Rihanna farmer “Milks It” in a new music video!

A scene from the Milk It video
A scene from the Milk It video

FARMER Alan Graham, who last year made headlines around the world after superstar Rihanna chose his field to film in, is now starring in a music video to encourage young people to drink milk.

The video “Milk it”, produced for the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland, aims to encourage young people to engage in sport and to live healthy and active lifestyles.

The music video, which begins with the Bangor Councillor hand milking a cow to the beat of the music track, is followed by other sporting sounds that are remixed to create a rap video. Future stars of local sport also feature in the piece including members of the Northern Ireland ladies football team, St. Mary’s University College hurling team and the Knights Wheelchair Basketball Club. Dancers from Vibe Academy, performers from T13 urban sports park, cyclist Chris McGlinchey and Methodist College rugby players plus the Northern Ireland Karate team also make cameo appearances throughout the video.

The song, which has been produced by Gerard i2 and performed by Strabane rapper Danny Houston has been created as part of a wider campaign called Milk in Action. The campaign, which is being jointly funded by the EU is designed to educate young people about the benefits of milk as a natural sports’ drink, providing hydration as well as essential nutrients, including protein for muscles and calcium for bones.

To view the music video, simply log on to the www.facebook.com/MilkItNI or for more information on the benefits of milk as a natural sports’ drink go to www.milkitforallitsworth.co.ni.