Rise in cattle trade at Lisahally

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A rise in cattle trade at Wednesday’s sale. Bullocks £1120/630kg, heifers £1100/630kg.

BULLOCKS: Daniel Quigley £1120/630kg, John Beattie £1105/680lg, Margaret Gordan £1100/580kg, James Hogg £1100/620kg, John Beattie £1085/640kg, £1065/610kg, John Corbett £1060/640kg, Daniel Quigley £1030/560kg, John Beattie £1000/610kg, David Spence £900/560kg, £870/460kg, £840/490kg, £785/420kg, £780/420kg, £760/450kg, £740/370kg, £835/550kg, £835/520kg, Margaret Gordan £845/620kg, £810/530KG, £770/520kg, Raymond Deery £825/400kg, John Beattie £805/540kg, Robert Gamble £800/420kg, Raymond Deery £795/370kg, £780/380kg, £765/360kg, £725/380kg, £700/360kg, £700 Margaret Scott £780/390kg, James Deery £760/450kg.

HEIFERS: Robert Hamilton £1100/630kg, £1065/600kg, £1040/590kg, £960/500kg, £905/530kg, Aubrey McKelvey £1090/640kg, Kelly Farms £1000/510kg, £1000/540kg, £1000/570kg, £975/480kg, £960/490kg, Aubrey McKelvey £920/540kg, Robert Gamble £900/480kg, £740/410kg, £710/450kg, Raymond Matthews £770/420kg, £710/390kg, £700/410kg, £700/410kg, £625/370kg, Wesley Hawkes £700/570kg, £500/370kg.

A good entry of stock this week sold to a firm trade. Fat lambs £92.50/26kg, store lambs £74 and fat ewes up to £86.

FAT LAMBS: A Harpur £92.50, £91, John Gilfillan £90.50/25kg, John McClelland £90/27kg, Kelly Farms £88.2/25kg, David Hamilton £87.50/25kg, John Cuthbert £86.50/25kg,Danny Mullan £86.50/27kg, George McKinney £84.20/24kg, Robert Henry £84, Danny Mullan £84, Patrick McNicholl £83.50/24kg, Matt Blair £81.80/25kg, George McKinney £76.50/22kg.

STORE LAMBS: Andrew McKinley £74, C Devine £73, Christopher O’Neill £72.2, Derek McCrea £70, John Gilfillan £68, Boyd Kane £67, John Curry £64, Boyd Kane £67, William Allen.

FAT EWES: Stuart Caskie £86, Derek McCrea £85, Norman McFarland £85, Thomas Irons £85, £83, Robert Henry £82, Patrick McNicholl £79,G Warnock £78, Stuart Caskie £78, Matt Blair £70, Christopher Gourley £70.